Where to move in Austell GA

Where to move in Austell GA

Austell, GA is a very popular city in the US, being an independent area in the state of Virginia. This resort town attracts both tourists and people willing to relocate every year, thanks to its amazing views and closeness to the ocean. People who are looking for apartments in Austell GA should consider location first. As in any big city, there are good and bad neighborhoods, and if you relocate here, you may want to choose a desirable area.

A short list with the presentation of the top neighborhoods in Austell, GA can be very helpful in case you are new in the city. Of course, you will have to visit the areas yourself, but it helps having an idea on each neighborhood and what it has to offer. So, if you want to move to Austell, GA and find a good apartment, check out the best neighborhoods first.

One of the best areas in Austell, GA is Chesapeake Beach. This area was originally developed as a post during the way, but it is now one of the best places to live in. The real estate here is at its peak, because this area is a residential one. You will find here modern apartment complexes, beautiful houses and comfortable flats. This neighborhood is the best choice for sand and water lovers.

Another great area to move in is the Green Run. This actually represents a commercial community and it offers something for everyone. From single family comes to town homes, large apartment complexes and condominiums, you will find everything here. This neighborhood offers many facilities and amenities and it has many other advantages as well. You will benefit here from tennis courts, parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, large green spaces, etc. Also, if you are interested in schools, here is the place for you, as there are great schools in the area.

If you are a more urban person, you should definitely go for Kempsville, as this area proudly represents the urban part of Austell, GA. The neighborhood boasts a great community center, college campus, golf course, etc. Large and comfortable apartment complexes offer accommodation here for those who relocate. The life of the city is to be found here, as there are many chic cafes, dining places such as both fancy and laid-back restaurants, and also a large number of public and private schools.

For people interested in business, move in Pembrook Manor. This neighborhood is located in the center of Austell, GA, including many business districts. You will find here several high end stores, restaurants, and also large luxury flat centers. Public and private schools are to be found here as well. Plus, the proximity to beaches makes it a desirable neighborhood as well. This area is definitely for people who won`t move anywhere.